CorpNordic Sweden AB Security Agent in Bond Issued by Svensk FastighetsFinansering AB (Publ)

22 dec

The real estate companies Fabege AB, Brinova Fastigheter AB, Peab AB and Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB have incorporated a joint financing vehicle called Svensk FastighetsFinansering AB (“SFFAB”) to create a base for secured financing. Fabege, Peab and Wihlborgs each owns 30% and Brinova owns 10% of SFFAB. SFFAB has raised MSEK 650 by issuing the first secured three-year bond under an MTN-programme of up to MSEK 5,000. The bond is secured in mortgages in real estate owned by the owners of SFFAB. The bonds carry a fixed interest rate of 3.65% (SEK 400m) and a FRN loan (SEK 250m).

Swedbank is Arranger and Issuing Agent of the MTN-programme. The bonds issued under the MTN-programme will be listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

CorpNordic Sweden has been assigned by SFFAB to act as Security Agent for the bond investors. The Security Agent holds the underlying security on behalf of the bond investors and represents the bond investors in everything connected to the bonds.

For more information contact Anna Litewka or Martin Gorne.

Posted 2011-12-22 18:02