Additional members of the board of the CorpNordic Group

27 apr

The supervisory board of the CorpNordic Group has been extended with the following members:

Thomas Ahlström
Thomas is 52 years old and Finnish. He holds a M.Sc. in economics. Today Thomas works within private equity and hold board positions in a number of companies. From 1985-2006 Thomas worked for the major Nordic banking group SEB in Helsinki and London. The career at SEB included a period as country manager for Finland.

Bertil Wogensen
Bertil is 55 years old and Danish. He holds a graduate diploma in international economics and management. Bertil has worked for CorpNordic in Copenhagen as director since 2003. Before joining CorpNordic Bertil worked 27 years for the major Nordic banking group Nordea in Copenhagen and Warsaw. With Nordea Bertil worked mainly with international activities and management.

The three existing members of the board Hugo Andersen (Danish), Mai Ibsen (Norwegian) and Misha Moeremans d’Emaus (Swedish) all continues. The board has elected Hugo Andersen as chairman.

With the extension the board counts top level management and financial experience from the four jurisdictions where CorpNordic has offices.

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Posted 2011-04-27 16:31